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Marine Plankton in Milford Haven

Pembrokeshire   UK

Aims of the Site

  • To share marine plankton information

  • Display photos of plankton biodiversity

  • Provide an educational resource

Aerial view of Dale Milford Haven

Welcome. This site covers coastal plankton washing on to the stunning shores of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. There is an amazing biodiversity of microscopic life living in every drop of seawater. Collections are made around Milford Haven, part of the Special Area of Conservation, with the most regular ones made in Dale. Other locations. Before looking at the details of The Species you may want to have quick look at the Biodiversity page while Methods looks specifically at how the samples are taken and photographed.

Photo of the Month

Photographed on 20th June 2024. This is a young larval stage of a polychaete -a marine worm - approximately 200 microns (0.2 millimetres) in length, called a trochophore larva. Bands of cilia can be seen at the front and back, all gently moving the creature around the slide under the microscope. In front of the eye spots the apical tuft of cilia is visible. Where the body narrows to the rear is a growth zone. This is the region where the body extends and develops segments. Identifying young trochophores to species is difficult but it could well be Capitella as there were a number of later stages present in the sample and adults are abundant in the Haven living in muddy sand.  

Metatrochophore polychaete larva

Marine Plankton Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Julian Cremona Photography

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