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 Julian Cremona

I have been a passionate naturalist since I was 8 years old, when I knew that all I ever wanted to do was find new species in nature and to share this with others. Initially it involved collecting; I still have much of my original insect and skull collections. By the end of my teenage years I started photography. Today my collection, especially from my worldwide travels, is one of photographs. 


Wanting to share my experiences meant education and lectures. I became head of the Dale Fort Field Centre (part of the Field Studies Council) in 1996. When I retired in 2012 it was to spend more time with nature, photography and writing. I have written 4 books on photography, 6 on exploration and travel, 3 on seashores.

I also enjoy giving illustrated talks on all my nature and travels. If you would like one please get in touch.

After retiring I concentrated on improving my microscopy skills and work on plankton (both marine and freshwater) in Pembrokeshire. The emphasis has been on plankton in the Milford Haven and I decided that this website might be one of the best ways of sharing the amazing biodiversity which exists here. There is always something new and different to learn.

Seashores - an ecological guide Julian Cremona Rocky Shores

I have an additional website (about my photography but is awaiting a major update)


Please get in touch, especially if you think I have got a wrong ID. Thank you.  Email address:

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