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Rotifers have their own phylum group and constitute very small creatures that are found in most water environments especially ponds and lakes. The variety in the sea is considerably less and dominated by the Synchaeta genus. At around 400-500 microns long these are very active individuals. The corona is a ciliary organ at the top of the cone-like body. Under the right conditions, e.g. warmth and calm conditions, they can bloom into very dense populations. Early summer 2022 they were prolific around Dale for several months. The unsettled conditions of 2023 only allowed a few small, rather sporadic, occurrences.

synchaeta rotifer
synchaeta rotifer with eggs
synchaeta rotifer top view

Top view looking down on the corona

synchaeta rotifer with egg sac stacked image
synchaeta rotifer - developed embryo

Developing embryo

Synchaeta rotifer eggs x100
Rotifers - Synchaeta, pair

A pair of Sychaeta

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